Guest Post: Perfectly Messy by Galit Breen

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Today, a guest post from an extraordinarily gifted writer.

Galit at These Little Waves is beloved in the blogging community not just because of her gift for stringing words together so that they float like poetry in your head  but because of the generosity and kindness she shows other writers.

I am so thrilled to share some of her magic with you today. And even more thrilled to count Galit as a friend.


Perfectly Messy


When I was pregnant, I held both of my hands splayed on my belly, fingertips touching, like I was protecting what was on the inside, and keeping everything in its place. Which I suppose, I was.

I’d sit and walk and hurry in this way.

That morning was no different. 

I tottered and teetered and maneuvered my way down the stairs, holding onto my belly -my baby- and feeling my husband Jason’s eyes bore into my back with his usual, “You could hold onto the railing, you know.”

He was carrying my just packed bags, my friend Lori had just arrived to watch our girls, and Jason and I were on our way to the hospital to have our third baby, Brody.

I knelt down to squeeze my girls good bye, earning another eye roll from my friend and my husband. “How are you going to get back up?” They teased.

My oldest Kayli, at four and a half, had been through this before. She melted into me and I breathed in her small arms and soft hair and serious eyes. “I’ll call you by lunchtime.” I promised. 

(And for the record, I did. I was holding Brody by noon – feeding him and eating my own lunch and talking to Kayli on the phone all at the same time. I’m still proud of that multi-tasking that I rarely manage today.)

All three of my children were induced well past their due dates. And while I never had that exciting “It’s time!” rush, I did get to plan for babysitters and timing and promises.

Lori laced her fingers with Kayli, drawing her close, helping her say good bye. 

Two and a half year old Chloe smoothly took her place in my arms. 

Oh, she was so small then! Her tiny face pressed into my neck as I whispered, “I love you. I’ll see you this soon.” Placing my thumb and forefinger a titch apart; my promise that this soon was really soon.

Lori reached for Chloe too, and Jason helped me up off of the floor, wisely not commenting on my inability to do so myself. And just like that, we turned to leave.

Years before, when we got our marriage license, it was also "just like that" moment. 

“Sign here, sweetheart.” The clerk behind the window said. Her eyes down, her voice even. I burst out laughing at the lack of formality and big-deal-ness of it then, and felt the exact same way leaving for the hospital to have a baby now.

When Jason and I were in the doorway – betwixt and between staying and leaving, a family of four and a family of five – Chloe toddled back to me.

She pressed herself close and wrapped her arms around my belly. My own arms were already there, and together we made a braid of arms and mess and love, which is exactly how I would describe our family today.

She pressed her lips close to my belly and whispered something to Brody. 

I don't know what she said, they weren't my words to hear.

But when she finished, she met my eyes, smiled, and scrunched her pudgy fingers in good bye, releasing us from the doorway, and that betwixt and between. 

And that that was when my laughter came.

Because yes, adding onto our family made our love infinitely messy.

But what Jason and I truly did, was gift our children each other – whispers and braids and giggles and all.


So sweet Angie, welcome to your lovely third baby. I know that perfectly messy is going to look beautiful on all of you.


Galit, lovely Galit. For this and more, thank you. xx


Hello friends


I’m Angie!  I mum. I write. I wife. My husband would say this is the correct order.  He’s so neeeedy. I live with my family in Melbourne, Australia, where I complain about the weather for 90% of the year – but I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Except maybe in Lake Como, waving to my neighbours George and Amal each morning.

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  1. Victoria KP

    Darn it! This post makes me want baby number three :-). Lovely to see Galit and her beautiful words here today!

  2. Galit Breen

    Oh my sweet Angie, I’m hopeless with time zones and love for you!

    Thank you so very much for having me here!



  3. Galit Breen

    Thank you so much, friend!

    (And sorry about the Third Baby Wants! (I so hear you, baby #4 anyone?! :))

  4. Alison@Mama Wants This

    Sigh – that was beautiful, Galit. As always.

    Except for the part about being induced well past due dates, says the very impatient 39 week preggo.


    (Congratulations Angie, on your beautiful baby girl!)

  5. Elizabeth

    You’re not allowed to make me cry this early in the morning!

    So beautiful. I love that Chloe had a little something special to whisper to Brody before you left for the hospital. And boy am I impressed with that multitasking of feeding your newborn, eating lunch, and talking on the phone! You go, Girl!

    Once again, you are a pleasure to read. And congratulations, Angie, on your third beautiful baby! =)

  6. Life As Wife

    You make three seem so possible!! (my husband just snorted in his sleep! Apparently his subconscious can read what I’m writing!!)

  7. Poppy

    You *almost* make me want a fourth.
    Our third was not planned. We had such difficulty it wasn’t on our radar. I remember feeling so overwhelmed at first, but I couldn’t imagine not having a family of 5! (I was overdue on all too!)

  8. Jennifer - Treading Water in the Kiddie Pool

    This was so beautiful. I battle the decision of having a third every day, with all the fears of not being able to handle three and what if x happens or y happens and what if that choice would overwhelm us all. This is such a good reminder to me that when making that decision, to also remember all of the good my two current kiddos would experience.

  9. Carolyn

    Just like Victoria said, your post makes me want a third. I’m wondering if this is a sign (your post) along with all my friends adding to their family….

  10. JDaniel4's Mom

    I loved reading about the love your kids have for each other.

  11. Greta

    Oh, Galit. I love this little glimpse into that moment with your family. My heart is a puddle on the floor.

  12. MJ

    So beautiful! This makes me want perfectly messy too.

  13. julie gardner

    I think part of the reason I wanted a third (selfishly) was that both of my previous pregnancies ended in early, somewhat stressful births.

    I have no reason to assume a third would have gone smoothly; but perhaps I would have been more prepared for the reality that babies come they way they come – we can’t plan for it.

    I love this peek into such a special day for you; such a special moment in the life of your family.

    As always, thanks for sharing Galit. And it’s so nice to meet you, Angie.

  14. Marta

    Gorgeous as usual it makes me want more and more. I know I want three. I have my husband on board for three. But if I could, I would push for more. Just reminding me of how miraculous it is to have that baby in your swelling baby, to hold the life you made, to bring another best friend to your children. Why I just can’t wait to do it all over again.

  15. By Word of Mouth Musings

    It doesn’t strike me at all odd that all of your babies were over due … they were tucked inside, next to your heart.
    Safe and warm.
    But they didn’t know yet, that you would keep them close to your heart just as much when they were here.
    I think that is what Chloe whispered, she told him its okay, its a wonderful place to be 😉

    Congrats on your no.3 … color me a shade of jealous xxx

  16. Galit Breen

    Thank you, my sweet preggo friend!

    And surely no baby of your’s would wait as long as ALL of my kids did! Never! 🙂


  17. Galit Breen

    Thank you Elizabeth, so very much, for your sweet words!

    (You so made me smile!)

  18. Galit Breen

    Hee! I love every single thing about this comment. 🙂

    (Thanks so much for the words, girl!)

  19. Galit Breen

    I love that we share the overdue-thing, Poppy!

    (And le sigh – I’m with you on the AlmostButNotQuite, as well.)

    Thanks for the note, my sweet friend!

  20. Galit Breen

    Thank you for this thoughtful note!

    You? Sound just like me!


  21. Galit Breen

    Hee! Maybe so, girlfriend!

    (I’m all about signs! Love ’em, see ’em everywhere! :))

  22. Galit Breen


    And swoon right back at you, my sweet friend!


  23. Galit Breen

    I love every word of that comment – thank you, girl! (truly)

  24. Galit Breen

    I think that shade looks good on both of us, yes?

    (Thank you so much for the note!)

  25. Galit Breen

    Thank you for your ever-thoughtful words, sweet Julie!

    (I love every single one of them!)

  26. Galit Breen

    Ohmyheart, you? Are lovely.

    (Your babies are so very lucky to have you!)

    Thank you for your words! Love ’em! 🙂

  27. Galit Breen

    Your note is perfection and means the world to me.

    (As does your friendship)

    Thank you, you.


  28. heidi

    Oh, wow. Just wow. This is lovely. I know, I know I say it ALL the time about your writing. But. It is lovely.

  29. Galit Breen

    Thank you so much, my sweet friend.

    (that means the world to me)


  30. Kimberly

    Siblings are such a sweet gift. Lovely post, Galit!

  31. Galit Breen

    Thank you so much, my sweet friend!

    And oh my, yes – a yelling, fighting, crying gift! #Priceless


  32. Nina B

    Loved this, Galit. I agree about “gifting” the children to each other. It’s priceless and the gift that keeps on giving!

  33. Jenni Chiu

    Lovely post. I’m starting to realize the beautifully messy part of it now as our second baby gets older.
    Oh the lovely chaos of it all.

  34. Galit Breen

    Thank you so much, Nina.

    You’re right in the midst of all of this right now, aren’t you?

    Relaxing it is not, but a gift, indeed!

  35. Galit Breen

    Yes, that.

    Exactly that.

    Love your words and love those moments when the wonderful parts slice through.

  36. karyn

    Beautifully written, Galit. I love three: it feels so right for us. 🙂

  37. Galit Breen

    Thank you so very much, Karyn!

    (And yes, it’s a perfect fit for us, too!)

  38. Maija @ Maija's Mommy Moments

    Oh my… my heart is melting. Our third baby was a big. HUGE. surprise. I was many months pregnant when I found out I was carrying our daughter and I never really felt “ready” for her to come because I didn’t have the full nine months to prepare. Plus she came early. Of course! The first time I held her in my arms I knew… I knew what we all know as mothers. That we are theres and they are ours and forever really means forever. My life was so very messy back then, and my sweet little third baby reminded me of everything that is important. My family, my children – all of them. Every baby is a gift and they aren’t any less special if they come in 3rd (or 4th-5th-6th-etc… so I’ve heard but I will never actually find out 🙂 Congratulations!

  39. Galit Breen

    I love that moment that you KNOW that baby was meant to be in your arms.

    (My moment didn’t always happen right away, but when it did – perfection.)

    Thanks so much for your words here, mama. Love them, as always.

  40. Natalie @MamaTrack

    LOVE THIS. Galit, this is one of my favorites from you. What a lovely mess indeed.

  41. Elaine

    “Perfectly Mess”…. exactly! This is so sweet and beautiful Galit. But of course, because so are you.

  42. Galit Breen

    Thank you so much, sweet friend.

    I know that you get this mess, perfectly.

  43. Galit Breen

    Oh thank you, sweet you.

    That was so very kind and generous.

    One more time: Thank you.


  44. Lady Jennie

    Oh (tears) as if I needed anymore reason to have aching ovaries! 🙂

    Beautiful as always Galit, and a hearty, warm congratulations to the Little Mumma!

  45. Galit Breen

    Oh thank you, my dear sweet friend.

    (I so appreciate you being here.)



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