36 weeks aka Baby on the Brain

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Oh, lordy lords.

The final weeks of pregnancy are an effort, aren't they?

I did kinder duty at Luca's preschool today and it nearly ended me. It certainly ended my pubic bone which I am certain is ready to disintegrate into powder.

Luca and I took a few happy snaps to mark 36 weeks of pregnancy.

  36 weeks

I think we are all a bit tired of this pregnancy. I don't remember being quite so jack of it this early the two previous times but like I say, I'm old and have clearly had too many children. That shit will cramp your style.

But what is my style? I can't even remember.

I think because Ziggy was born at 36.5 weeks, reaching this point in the pregnancy was always going to be fraught with a bit of apprehension. Am I reading signs too literally because I went early last time? Am I jinxing myself to a 42 week pregnancy?

Well, I'm definitely not getting to 42 weeks. Gestational Diabetes managed by insulin? Nope, hospital will want this bebe out by 39 weeks at the latest.

But let's all send vibes for Little Lady to come of her own accord prior to that date so we can avoid any intervention.

There's so much I want to share with you before Little Lady arrives. The birth stories of Luca and Zig, for a start. Will I get time? I don't know. I am caught in the worst kind of procrastination. Followed by moments of frenzied ironing.

I am seriously losing my mind.

The nursery is kinda, sorta…. not finished. Everything essential is in there, it's just last minute touches. You know, the best part.

I am ultra-relieved the carseats are DONE. I headed off on Monday morning with a back seat like this:

It felt really weird. But also, a bit sexy maybe. Back seat, totally free of child paraphernalia. I could just give people lifts any time I wanted. Put shopping bags full of shoes back there. Boxes of wine. Sexy.

But ultimately….empty.

Then, joyfully, this:


Three brand spanking carseats, ready to keep safe the most precious little people I know (or am about to meet).

It's full to the brim, organised chaos. The very opposite of sexy. No room for shoes here.

But still, it's everything.

Now I am off to pack my hospital bags. Tiny little onesies. Giant maternity pads.

No matter what, three weeks. That's all folks.

I can't wait to meet my daughter…

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  1. Belle

    That last line brought tears to my eyes babe & sent shivers down my spine…”I can’t wait to meet my daughter”….dreams definitely DO come true my gorgeous friend. CANNOT wait to hear news of little lady’s arrival xo

  2. Kelly K @ Dances with Chaos

    I know the feeling.

    Good luck with the last few weeks – As one who was 4 days late for the first, and 6 days early for the second, I know very well how miserable they can make you feel.

    Eye on the prize of that little girl.

  3. MJ

    I cannot wait to see your daughter, either. So close now!

    And kinder duty at this point in time? You put me to shame. I haven’t done classroom volunteering yet, fearing that a certain 2 year old would cancel out any possible good I could do in there. I don’t even have pregnancy as an excuse.


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