Too Hot To Handle

by | Jan 30, 2012 | MOTHERHOOD, PREGNANCY, BIRTH & BREASTFEEDING | 4 comments

There are a number of professions that are protected by an extreme weather clause. For instance, plumbers who work predominantly on roofs are sent home in extreme heat.

I would like to know at what point it becomes too hot to mother? What about a pregnant mother? When can she call time in accordance with occupational health and safety?

I feel like I am hovering near the threshold, friends.

The smallest tasks threaten to destroy me in the carrying out. And preparing an evening meal in our non-air-conditioned kitchen is proving the undoing of me, night after night. The dishes? Oh, forget it.

I am annoyed with my big, hot self. So annoyed. Sick of my inability to just get on with it.

I understand that consecutive hot days are hard on anyone, let alone the heavily pregnant. So why am I beating myself up?

It's crazy.

Tonight, I just want to sit down and watch crappy TV. And yet, I hover at the computer and berate myself for not penning something meaningful to share here on the blog.

The harder it is for me to move around and get stuff done, the more I panic about all the stuff I have to do.

It's boring and it's insane and you know what? I know that you're reading this and that you understand. That at some point, you have felt the weight of pressure bearing down along with the weight of exhaustion. The desire to just crash with the need to be in perpetual motion. Always moving forward, getting it done, making the most of the hours available to you. Contributing the most you can to the betterment of your little family.

Regardless of how much your mind tells you to SLOW DOWN.

Tomorrow promises much cooler weather. I will be fasting and being tested for Gestational Diabetes. Sometimes you just have to say, "Wow! My life is sexy!"



Hello friends


I’m Angie!  I mum. I write. I wife. My husband would say this is the correct order.  He’s so neeeedy. I live with my family in Melbourne, Australia, where I complain about the weather for 90% of the year – but I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Except maybe in Lake Como, waving to my neighbours George and Amal each morning.

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  1. Zanni Arnot

    Hope you get the cool change you need! Wow…that pregnant time during heat wave sux! I had about two or three weeks November to December over 35 degrees, whilst being nearly nine months pregnant. I hung out at air conditioned malls like KMart or broke into my grandma’s flat just to get cool. Yes, things got desperate.

  2. Lisa

    Angie, slow down! Lol

  3. MJ

    Oh, my dear! I hope that humid weather cuts you a break. Just reading your words has given me horrendous flashbacks to a time when I, too, was heavily pregnant one humid Sydney summer, and having to do far, far too much for my liking (or sanity).

    Thinking if you today, and hoping you ace that GD test. x

  4. Kate

    Nothing worse than being pg over a hot, humid Australian summer! I did it last summer, it’s simply exhausting! I hope you’ve found some relief over these last couple of days. Look after yourself (& your little lady), the dishes can wait. Grab a sunnyboy & relax 🙂


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