Motherhood: 10 Reasons To Love It

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Motherhood Love

1. Little Faces

You make a little person and then you just stare at them. Endlessly. Stare at that little face that is so familiar and also, the face of someone you are just meeting. You marvel at genetics and how they have manifested themselves in this little person. The more kids you have, the more you marvel. And stare. And ultimately, ignore the vacuuming because of.

2. Little Arms

Thrown around my neck, encircling my waist (with great difficulty lately), I can not get enough of the sensation of my children's arms around me.

3. Little Bums

Is there anything better than a baby's bare bum? Read by the wrong eyes, these words are corruptible but I trust that other mothers know what I mean when I say that cuddling your tiny babe is never better than when they're nude. Holding that little body close, the smell of that glorious skin, cradling that chubby little butt. What's not to love?

4. Other Mothers

Oh, the bonds I have formed (and reformed) with other mums. Finding my way back to old friends through the shared experience of motherhood, instantly connecting with women I would otherwise have little in common. The sisterhood is alive and well.

5. Caramel Slice

The delicious biscuity base, the velvet caramel, the decadent layer of chocolate on top…..wait, what is this list about again?

6. Drawn Out Bedtimes and Banana Smooshed Into The Sofa

Hey! How did you creep in here, Snark? For once, this post isn't about you. Shit, I think I'm losing control of this list….

7. Pixar

Okay, back to love. How many awesome kids movies  are there? And how awesome is it when your kid makes that pitiful face and pleads with you to snuggle on the couch watching Monsters Inc. just one more time? Alright, sweetie. Because Mumma loves you.

8. Photography

Even the mild photo enthusiast will become a raging addict once they squeeze out a pup or two. Pictures of children are like crack to parents which is why the ludicrous practise of stuffing your baby into a flowerpot and having their photo taken in the middle of a shopping mall is still a gangbusters business. And the only thing more gratifying than nailing the self-taken shot of yourself (totally duck lips free) is nailing the perfect shot of your kid(s). "Look!" you implore all and sundry, "Would you just look at those faces! I made those faces!"

9. Boobs

Holy funbags, giving birth gives you knockers from the gods. I mean to say, my tits were a thing of extraordinary beauty. When my firstborn was about 7 months old, we went to the beach and I overheard a middle-aged woman sniping to her husband, "Look at those big, fake boobs." I was very tempted to  squirt her with breast milk – and even from a distance, I would have bulls-eyed it.

10. To-Do List Tick

There are many, many dreams a girl might harbour during the course of her life. Some we get to fulfill, some we don't. For me, crossing 'Have kids' off the list has been incredibly satisfying. And a blessing as I understand that it is no easy feat for many women. Fortunately, my path to motherhood has been comparatively smooth and after spending my twenties pursuing acting/performance as a career, it was so nice to finally check off a major dream. I needed it. And if I had to go back and choose between 'Be big time film actress' or 'Have kids,' there is no contest. Every other dream I have wished for would mean zero if I didn't have my kiddos. Little shitheads that they are…

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  1. MJ

    Yes, yes, and yes! I saw this prompt and was tempted, but didn’t think I could do it justice. You did… as always.

    Love the collage, too. You favour your left side, then?

  2. Dani

    haha love it, and so very, very true. SO many reasons to appreciate motherhood. Some days you die for bedtime, but then a new day just makes you love them more. Especially love number 5. lol

  3. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    You so would have nailed it. You’re a mum and you write beautifully. Done deal.

    But how DARE you discover my Mariah Carey secret! Yes, I favour my left side. Although I did not notice the preference in this particular collage. But yes, it is all about the left side. I am a freakish monster from the perspective of the right…no political pun intended but apt, no?

  4. MJ

    A good pun, indeed. The only reason I noticed was that I watched an episode of Entourage tonight, where Johnny chucked a tanty during a photo shoot when the photographer wanted him to face the other way… ’twas fresh on my mind.

  5. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Sadly, it was not a case of coincidence. It was REAL and I am THAT vain.

    I reckon I do it subconsciously now though. Scary….

  6. Jenni

    Haha! Great list. I have to agree with you on the boobs. It’s nice to actually have them for once! LOL

  7. JDaniel4's Mom

    I love getting to eat caramel apple slices with my son! Nice post!

  8. Galit Breen

    Oh my, I am *dying* at #9. DYING. xo

  9. davina

    Angie, number 5 is hilarious…and I couldn’t help laughing at your boobs story. I’m definitely guilty of 8. Love your list!

  10. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Davina, number 5 is DELICIOUS!

    Aren’t we all guilty of 8? In this age of digital, you can’t take too many photos…..can you?

    Thanks for dropping by!

  11. themodernmomclub

    #9…so funny! I was shockingly amazed at this after birth! And #1 oh those precious faces!! Loved reading this!

  12. Mel

    I know no one who could describe so articulately and with such humour number 9! Still giggling @ holy funbags!!!

  13. Babypics

    How true . You actually have to become a mother to understand the pleasure of mother hood.

  14. traceyb65

    had the ‘look at the tits’ comment when i dared take a night off and go with hubby to see Kasey Chambers play … at the time i was struggling to squeeze into a chair between long tables placed too close together. i had enough presence of mind to declare loudly I’M BREASTFEEDING! but now i so wish i had just shown her … woulda nailed it too! xt


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