It’s All White

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Remember when I was totally in love with floorboards painted white and totally not in love with the horrible old carpet in my house?

Observe the first room's transformation:

Morning Boards
Baby Toes
Floorboard Fan
Vanity Exercise
Mr Awesome

This is the sunroom which was tacked on to the original house some 400 years ago. Or something. It had the most revolting carpet in the world and so when my washing machine decided to leak all over it, I could only send up a small prayer of thanks.

Additionally, I am thankful for my landlord who agreed when I said I was thinking of ripping out ALL the carpet in the house and painting the floorboards. I am so grateful to him that I am not going to mention the two-toned walls in the last photo above – who doesn't just paint around furniture instead of moving it? Totally normal….

We use the sunroom as a playroom for the kids, the idea being that all the toys will live in one area – and stay there. Hahahaha! I have such a sense of humour. Yes, the toys do tend to wander from their allotted home but I have loved putting together this little space for the boys. Pinterest has come in handy with design inspiration and when I'm done, I'll share some before and after pics for you to admire and compliment me on because I am needy like that.

You might notice the room is all but empty in the photos above. Yes, this was prior to putting everything back in. That expanse of gorgeous white floor was almost too nice to cover up. But the toys needed a home. I mean, they really needed a home….

Welcome To The Jungle

So, one room down, all the others to go. Already, the fresh paint has transformed the smell in the house. Old carpet is not ideal for a woman whose sense of smell has been likened to that of a bloodhound. Add pregnancy into the mix and you can understand why I burn a lot of fragrant candles.

It will all be complete before Baby Mg-3 arrives. No pressure, Bren.

Yay! I love painted floorboards!

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  1. Ladybird

    Okay – honey – when I see all white – as a Mother of three – I can’t help but have a slight coronary bypass……….

    It does look very pretty though 😛 xx

  2. melbo

    Utterly cool – and I’m with you on the carpet smell. The old carpet in our place prior to this one used to make me gag.

  3. MJ

    Looks fabulous!

    Well done, you (and love your handsome little spunks there). x


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