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Blur Of The Natural Athlete? Witness the athleticism…

A confession; I am not looking forward to my kids playing sport.

I don’t watch sport. I can watch sport and have been known to watch and even enjoy an Aussie Rules grand final and I get mildly enthusiastic when the Olympics rolls around.

I would rather die than watch cricket.

So. Not looking forward to the playing of the sport by my kiddos.

Until tonight.

I was at the gym. And while at the gym, I had a couple of epiphanies.


  1. When I need help, I put on a persona I’m calling ‘cute and helpless’ – I discovered this when a weights machine I wanted to use had been adjusted for a different exercise than the one I needed it for and I had no clue how to change it. Cue ‘cute and helpless’ – and voila! – a big muscle man interrupted his workout to sort me out. Excellent. And embarrassing. I practically giggled as I said, “Umm, do you know how to change this?”
  2. Working out at night is definitely best for me. I don’t know why but I feel stronger and have more energy. And if that makes any sense to you, let me know.    
  3. Watching my kids play sport is actually going to be awesome.

My gym is the local YMCA. The warm down room has a window that looks out onto the inside basketball court. I was on the stepper machine in the warm down room (not warming down – I make my own rules, man) and being that it's directly in front of the window, I was feeling a tiny bit self-conscious about the fact that there were a bunch of young boys (under 14s, under 15s maybe?) playing basketball on the other side of that window. I quickly got over it (I’m a sweaty 30-something and they’re kids engrossed in their game – no-one is looking at you, old lady) and started watching the game. And I found myself grinning like an idiot as these sweet boys were running up and down the court, dribbling, ducking and weaving. Some were natural athletes, graceful in their movements. Others were kind of gawky in that way kids are when they’re not quite grown into their bodies yet. But all of them looked to be having fun, expelling some of that energy that young boys brim with.

And as I watched the game, I tried to imagine what it might be like to watch my own kids playing. And it made me grin some more. How did I not realise how invested I am going to be if it is my own little person running around on that court or field. I'm going to be insane with pride. I don’t know if they’ll have a natural affinity for sport (hahaha – just thinking about B and I, I'm tipping NO) but I’ll certainly be encouraging them to find a physical activity that they love doing*. Boys especially need an outlet for that surging testosterone**.

Except cricket. They’re not allowed to play cricket.

* No, not that.

**Seriously, mind out of the gutter please!


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  1. MJ

    Cricket will be strictly forbidden in this household, too. Lucky for me, the odds are fairly low that my kids will take an interest in it.

    I’m with you on the sport thing, and I still find it hard to imagine enjoying sitting through a game of any sort… although I do enjoy watching F and her little mates at karate. Too. Fucking. Cute.

  2. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Yes, I will be very surprised if you end up with any cricket fans in the family. Lucky you.

    Karate? F in the little outfit? Yes – death by cute. So awesome.

  3. Melissa

    I’m thinking karate too or some other oriental martial art would be a good thing. I’m not into team sports or sport of any kind really.

    Being non cricket enthusiasts, you will appreciate the fact that when I accompanied some friends to a match once, I stood up about two hours in and asked how much longer there was to go. I had NFI. I’m still friends with them, fortunately although we no longer go to cricket matches together. Mutual relief on both sides I imagine.

  4. Belle

    Another cricket hater here, I’d rather pull out my eyelashes one by one than watch that shit!!!

  5. Ladybird

    Oh honey – when I had Char I thought I was saved from a life of sport, and the outdoors in general. Prima Ballerinas only thankyou. And whilst that dream did come true in the form of Miss Tiny Dancer, she came wi5h two younger brothers and a Father who irritatingly likes an active lifestyle.
    The big kids played soccertoos, an indoors program just designed to etach basic soccer skills. I figured thats where it would end.
    Nope, Mis Prissy herslef beeged to be allowed to play club soccer this yr. And somehow I became team Manager.
    YOu know what? I LOVE it. I am the quintessential Soccer Mom! It is insane how awesoe it is to watch your kdis play a team sport. Sometimes I have to stop myself from running out onto the field!
    Oh and you know how I always like to stay on dry land? Thats over. The woman who complained endlessly about Braddy skiing and taking the boat out…guess what we are doing MOTHERS DAY Morning on my suggestion bahahahaha. I mean seriously…I have to keep my retirement fund in practice! Go JR!


  6. Ladybird

    Oh and I hear you on the Cricket – UGH. My father in law watches it religiously though when it is on….and very amusingly told each of my chlidren from an early age it was the White Wiggles. Guess what they would come home from Nanny & Poppys asking for? HIlarious! xxx


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