A Little Mumma’s Day Giveaway!

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Lovely readers, I have a lovely competition for you. It's a celebration of Mother's Day but you don't have to be a little mumma to enter.

There are three, count them, THREE prizes up for grabs from three equally wonderful little businesses who have generously agreed to spoil us here at The Little Mumma. I found them all on Made It and featured them in a The Little Mumma Loves post a while back. Remember?

So, what can you win?

Prize 1 – oh deer! $25 store value

I featured the ultra-gorgeousness of oh deer! jewellery and judging by the comments, I was not the only fan. So I am delighted to offer you the chance to win one of their little pieces of lovely. And given that most of their jewellery is $25 or under, you have lots of gorgeous pieces to choose from. Go check out their Made It store here and start making your wish list! 


Prize 2 – Sweet William print

The wildly clever sisters behind Sweet William are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a gorgeous print from their Made It store. Oh, but I'd take one of each. Can you imagine being able to draw like that? Better still, can you imagine having one of these gorgeous artworks on your wall?


Prize 3 – 74 Lime Lane 8×10 print  

Kellie, the creative force behind 74 Lime Lane, is crazy clever with the camera. She is offering one of you the chance to win one of her gorgeous prints. Check out her Flickr page – the winner can choose any image from either there or her Made It page which will then be printed just for you.



Simply visit the Made It page of one of the above and leave a comment below telling me what you would choose as your prize. Visit all three, stating what you'd like to win from each and go into the draw three times.


Become a Facebook fan of any or all of  the below to gain a bonus entry. Be sure to come back and leave another comment letting me know you've done so. 

Become a fan of oh deer!

Become a fan of Sweet William

Become a fan of 74 Lime Lane

Become a fan of The Little Mumma


Entries close Saturday 7th May at midnight (Australian EST) and winners will be drawn on Mother's Day – via random.org – and posted on the blog that evening.


This giveaway is open to everyone so even if you're outside Australia, feel free to enter – just don't forget about timezone differences. ๐Ÿ™‚


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I’m Angie!ย  I mum. I write. I wife. My husband would say this is the correct order.ย  Heโ€™s so neeeedy. I live with my family in Melbourne, Australia, where I complain about the weather for 90% of the year โ€“ but I canโ€™t imagine living anywhere else. Except maybe in Lake Como, waving to my neighbours George and Amal each morning.

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  1. Tracey

    Oh Deer… I ADORE the orchids on 14k, but ADORE everything..!!!!!

  2. Tracey

    74 Lime… OOOOH bless DANDELION!!!!!!!

  3. Tracey

    Sweetwilliam, impossbile to choose!!! But my 2 faves are Love is free & Brighten your day.. BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Tracey

    I have become afan of all 3 they are gogeous & sent invites to friend, including hubby… It may give him a hint for a gift one day! lol

  5. Trish

    I love them all – 74 Lime Tree but full heart is my favourite and let the sun shine in.

  6. Trish

    Sweet William – Love print in red is perfect.

  7. Trish

    Oh deer …The Live, Laugh, Love Pendant is so beautiful .

  8. Trish

    I liked all 4

    Became a fan of oh deer!

    Became a fan of Sweet William

    Became a fan of 74 Lime Lane

    Became a fan of The Little Mumma

  9. pixie

    oh Deer Mod Bird and Branch Lariat Necklace – Sterling Chain

  10. pixie

    I also LIKED oh Deer facebook page.

  11. Sarah

    Woohooo – I love a comp! I’ve bought from Oh Deer! before, they are perfect for wee little gifties. My fav at the moment is the Vintage Blue Peacock necklace & those cute avocado chick earrings. Sweet William – Come Fly with me. And over on 74 Lime Lane I’m all for let the sun shine in. Oh, and I’ve liked em all. x

  12. Jenna

    Well I got a little to inpatient and couldnt wait for your giveaway so I already went and purchased the ohdeer! 2 birds on the branch one…..but my next choice is most definitely swinging birdy

  13. Jenna

    Sweetwilliam…..ahhh to hard to pick but Ive narrowed my favourites to brighten your day

  14. Jenna

    I liked the ohdeer page about 2 weeks ago when you first posted! Im 2 quick for u ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Jaded Vixen

    Oh Dear! Would just love to score the cute mod bunny!

    Became a fan of all four…Became a fan of oh deer! Became a fan of Sweet William, Became a fan of 74 Lime Lane and Became a fan of The Little Mumma!

  16. Jude

    Oh deer, I just love the lone tree necklace, my favorite time of year is autumn and I love anything depicting trees. It such a special time if the year, nature preparing for new life.

  17. Jude

    Sweet William- love is free art print is just beautiful depicting the freedom of balloons and well love (especially to and from our children) is free there is nothing else like it

  18. Jude

    74 lime lane – autumn sun it’s just like the beautiful weather we have been having, it’s the best time of year

  19. Bilby

    I’ve become a fan of all 3 on FB! I didn’t need to become a fan of The Little Mumma – I already was! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now specifics… let’s see… there’s so much to love!!

    Sweet William – absolutely love the ‘love print in red’ (being a newlywed and all!) plus I can just picture that in our bedroom (confident much?!) But I also love the ‘A Mothers Love’ print – it’s gorgeous!

    Oh deer – I love the ‘tree’ necklaces, they are beautiful! I particularly love the ‘tree of life’ and ‘tree of wonder’, they really caught my eye and tugged at my heart strings due to my strong sense of family (and tomorrow is the anniversary of my beloved Dad passing away – 10 whole years… LOVE YOU DAD! xxxx)

    As for 74 Lime Lane, how can you go past the ‘My heart is full’ print? Simple, yet bloody perfect!!

  20. Jane

    Oh Deer – Loving the Antique Silver Bird Silhouette Earrings =)

  21. Jane

    Sweet William – Light as a feather art print ! Hard choice though they are gorgeous, all of them !

  22. Jane

    74 Lime Lane – Im going to pick .. Dandelion. Reminds me of my childhood.

  23. Lana

    Sweet William would look so gorgeous on my little one’s wall!

  24. MJ

    – I love, love, love the Sweet William prints. My favourites are the Vintage Alphabet Art and Touch The Sky.

    – I am now a fan of Sweet William on Facebook ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. MJ

    – Too hard to choose a favourite from Oh deer! I adore the vintage necklaces, especially the peacock/owl ones – gorgeous. The silver peacock and winter tree earrings are also divine.

    – I’m now a fan of Oh deer! on Facebook ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Chelcee

    Wow! What amazing giveaways!
    – Oh Deer: beautiful jewelry. Little Teal Sparrows are darling!

  27. Chelcee

    I am now a fan of oh deer! thanks for sharing!

  28. Chelcee

    – sweetwilliam: so hard to choose my favorite! maybe touch the sky. I love the detail.

  29. Chelcee

    – 74 Lime Lane: Sun is shining – it makes me daydream.

  30. Catrinamurray

    Oh Deer fave product – Here Kitty – Sterling Silver

  31. Catrinamurray

    Sweet William fave product – she climbs art print

  32. Catrinamurray

    74 Lime Lane fave product – crafty tools and inspiration

  33. olivia_rodwell

    Ok, went on the OhDeer site and Oh Dear! it’s all so cute!So after much deliberation and finding my mum her mother’s day present I think I’ve decided (the fact that vince offered to but me the antique filigree ring for our anniversary helped this choice)that the The lone tree sterling silver necklace with the teal sparrow would be Awesome!
    Oh and I became a fan of OhDeer!!

    ciao Chicka!!

  34. olivia_rodwell

    And now for sweet william! The orchid print is great!! I will placed it on the wall behind my happy little orchid that I grew all by myself!
    I also became a fan of sweet william.
    And I am of course already a fan of Little Mumma!

  35. Janeo

    Gorgeous stuff so hard to pick ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!!
    I have liked all 3 how could you not DEVINE!!!
    ~ Oh Deer by far the gorgeous sterling silver pearl and dove necklace…
    ~ Sweet William Love is free ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!
    ~ 74 Lime the Dandelion so peaceful devine….

  36. Mrs Karen T

    Siiigh…. I love the 74 Lime Lane piccie… it’s just how my heart feels, especially when spooned between my hunky man and my scrumptious baby girl ๐Ÿ™‚

    The whimsy of the Sweet William is soul soothing as well!

    I’ve liked all the pages on crackbook (aka facebook – I have an addiction!).

    Ciao Mumma!!

  37. Rae

    WHat an amazingly fabulous give-away! Very generous indeed!

    And oh i LOVE them all!!!!

    OK – so i eagerly ‘liked/became a fan of’ them all.

    Now – as for what i’d love from each of them (to begin with…)

    Oh Deer: the Black Lace Earrings (hot and unique)
    Sweet William: Love is Free print (oh i LOVE!!!! :3 )
    74 Lime Lane: wishes on the wind (goorgeous)

  38. Susan G

    Oh Deer – love the Love Birds

  39. Susan G

    Sweet William – love A mothers Love

  40. Susan G

    74LimeLane – Wishes on the Wind

  41. Susan G

    Am a ‘liker’ of all three on Facebook…


  42. Jo

    — Ohh Dear alright…I love them all but the sunburst Chickadee Earings get my seal of approval.
    — Love is free art print = stunning
    — My heart is full.

    Have liked all pages and love reading The Little Mumma.

  43. Kirsty

    I have become a fan of all pages….love love love them all!

  44. Kirsty

    It is sooooo hard to choose on the OhDeer site what I like! But I have always loved simple, elegant earrings…my one weakness! (okay maybe not the only!LOL). I spied these earrings, the Modern Drop Dangles – Earrings In Gold. Simply DIVINE!!!!

  45. Kirsty

    From the Sweet William store I love the love is free – art print. I love this as its message is simple and true. I would hang it in my daughters room.

  46. imalee

    Oh my how lovely, thank you for making me smile. Oh deer I just lurve the rectangle songbird necklace nothing better than opening the wings and singing. Cannot go past a mothers love from sweet william and it just has to be old time music from 74 lime lane. Am a fan of all three.

  47. Rae

    OH poo – i definitely commented and became fans of all – a good few days ago – but it doesn’t look like my comment has worked??? Weird. Anyway – i’m certain i became a fan of all – and i LOVE soooooooo many of the things that each of the stores sell. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Bravo Little Mumma for your choice of quality, unique and divine products.

  48. Rebecca

    oh deer! – Too many favourites! Narrowed it down to Tiny Leaf Earrings or Soaring Sparrow Necklace.

    Sweet William – Touch the Sky or She Climbs Mountains.

    74LimeLane – Dandelion or Autumn Sunshine.

    I’m now a Facebook fan of all three. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Blake

    Oh deer <3 love birds on a branch

  50. Blake

    Sweet william <3 touch the sky

  51. Blake

    74 lime lane <3 wishes on the wind

  52. Blake

    I’m aleady a fan of you on fb…and i have just become a fan of all 3 pages on fb ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Bronnie

    Oh deer- oh dear oh dear it is so hard to pick a favourite from Oh deer (hehe, I crack myself up)
    but if I was forced to chose it would be The round tree necklace, or the swinging bird, or the mod bird earrings. Aaargghh don’t make me chose.
    I became a fan of oh deer, and I already was one of yours ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Fran

    Sweet William – I adore the Love is Free print. I have the perfect spot for it on my bedroom wall too! I am now a fan of Sweet William on Facebook.

  55. Fran

    74 Lime Lane – Wishes on the wind – looking at this print reminds me so much of my childhood. I am now a fan of 74 Lime Lane on Facebook too!

  56. Fran

    Oh deer – CANNOT choose just 1 thing!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ How cute are the pocket watches???!!! But I can’t go past anything with the little birdies – so so so darn cute! I am also now a fan on Facebook.

  57. Ladybird

    Ok, i just became a fan of all 3 on facebook. i have visited all the made it stores of the 3 also (and ha done so when you blogged about them before). Without a doubt – I lvoe the swallow pieces in oh deer. Originally when you first posted about them I thought they were blue birds. I see they are swallows when I see a bigger picture. They still look however like the little bluebirds that I had on jewellery when I was a very young child. I still have a gold brooch with a bluebird on it, one of the very few things I have always had in my posession from when I was a child, and I have hung onto the memory of it. Now I am writing this whilst very, very drunk – but when i see bluebirds I instantly feel joy, because i am reminded of a time where I thought of nothing but love as a kid and in respect of my family. ultimately – i try to hang onto those memories ot outshadow anything else. am i making sense…i cant really see the keys on the keyboard!


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