Lately, LD…

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Lately, LD...

So yesterday was THE day. I finally did it. I had LD's beautiful blond curls cut off.

I'm playing single mum at the moment while B commutes two and a half hours to and from university for two weeks. So it's just me doing the dinner/bath/bed debacle each night which is why it took me so long to post the pictures last night. And then, I couldn't be bothered writing more than eleven words.

Post-haircut, how am I feeling? I'll say this. I LOVE his hair. I think it's a great cut. The hairdresser was really meticulous and talked me through everything she was doing to make sure we were on the same page. LD was pretty awesome and only had to be reminded of the impending lollipop reward a few times. Zee sat in his pram fairly angelically, too, and any time he piped up, I shoved a biscuit in his mouth. I think there was so much going on that I forgot to fully grasp the magnitude of the situation.

Because that's a LOT of hair.


I do absolutely love the new hair. But it's the weirdest thing seeing him this way. Obviously recognisable but then, not. 

I love that I can see more of his little face. I love that I won't have to brush out dreadlocks at the back of his head.

The only thing I don't love is the colour. We basically cut away all the blond. Waaaaaaah! Look up there at that pile of gold. Now, LD has hair that is, well, brown. You know, like a mouse. 

So even though I am pretty much vehemently against it, I think I am going to have to do this - 

Bleached Baby[Source]

Or not. I dunno. It was sad to see the curls go but it's the blond I'll miss most.

Other observations. I expected that when we finally went the chop, we would instantly reveal the boy. He definitely looks older. But more boyish? I kind of think he looks more androgynous than ever. Before, I saw a boy with long hair. Now, he is all sweet and impish. The face has come into sharper focus because the distraction of all that hair has been removed. There is no denying those Tweety Bird lashes or that rosebud mouth. Long hair or short, the kid is just pretty.

LD, for the record, hasn't expressed an opinion on his new hair. He certainly didn't object to losing the curls but that may change when he discovers the "beautiful hair" comments have dried up.

The audition? Was pretty straightforward. LD and I had to pretend to be finding somewhere to sit down on a train when some rude passenger takes our seat. The hardest part was stopping him from trying to 'operate' the thousands of dollars worth of equipment in that room. He wanted to use the video camera and talk into the microphone and at one point, I saw tripods crashing down like dominoes and us being thrown out with a bill for $25,000. Thankfully, that was in my head. And thankfully, the receptionist agreed to watch Zee for me while we auditioned because otherwise, the scenario in my head would almost certainly have come to life. 

Yesterday was a big day.

And since we're talking about him, LD has been saying some funny shit lately. And he has an obsession with bums. 

Two days ago, "Mumma, I want to show you something." "Ooh," I say, "What is it?" He reaches around and pats his little butt. Ooookay.

And this morning, he is doing the downward dog with his bum facing me. "Look at this, Mumma!" he says. "It's my bum." He wiggles his bum. "I'm a talking bum!" More wiggling.

A boy is a boy is a boy.

Ain't nothin' to do with the hair…..




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  1. Ladybird

    Haha. A boy is a boy is a boy indeed. My kid who won’t talk? Favourite word is bum. We must encourage the talk. So everything now has to revovle around bums. ‘Pws yellow bum Pws Mum” – earns the other 4 members of Casa Dell-Sewell doing celebratory dances as we obligingly draw yellow bums.

    He is pretty. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Hair or not. And yes, it does really change their face. Charlotte had a fringe cut last night. Her Daddy didn’t like it. As we were walking out of the hairdresser he said “it doesnt look like her” and put his head down and walked away. Haha – someone changed his princess on him! It does change her appearnce, she has such a beautiful face and porcelain skin I hate the hair hides it now – but I lvoe that she formed this opinion about how she wanted to look, and how much she loves the fringe. My grown up girl, and it does – make ehr look very grown up. *sigh*.
    Good Luck with yesterdays auditions. No doubt they saw what we already know – you are brilliant and beautiful xxx

    PS Did you keep the hair? Are you taking it to bed with you and sniffing it 😛

  2. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    I kept one perfect curl, Ladybird. It’s precious.

    I wanna see Char’s hair. I bet it looks gorgeous. How funny was Daddy’s reaction! Poor Daddy.

    And yeah, bum is the word du jour. Sigh.

    But gee, it must sound like heaven to you, Mumma. xxx

  3. Rae

    A boy is a boy…and so it seems is my middle daughter, T. She is OBSESSED with all things bum, and her fave thing to do is the bum dance *roll eyes*. Tia and Luca – twins i tell ya!

    So glad you’re loving his new do. And SOOO glad you kept one of those perfect, golden curls.

    And bravo to you Mumma, for the champion effort you are doing with B being extra busy. Hope the audition went brilliantly. How could they not want you guys? Perfection or what!

  4. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Oh T! Love that child. LOVE HER! Our little twins.

    I have kept hair each time we’ve had it cut. At some point, I should stop that, right?

    Not sure about the audition. You can never tell with these things. Easy come, easy go.

  5. melbo

    Yes he will still be pretty no matter what happens to “the hair” but that is kinda nice don’t you think? I wish I was that pretty. Glad you kept a curl. It is always nice to have a little souvenir.

  6. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    It is kinda nice, Mel, absolutely. It’s my face but so, so much prettier than I ever was. Sigh.

    I will treasure that curl.

  7. Tracey

    Phew coz Indah thinks patting her bum & wriggling it is still coool….
    Zyon prefers an erect wang to point out & laugh at!!!
    He will yell it out “Mumma my pee pee is standing up!”
    Last night after their baths Zyon’s wang was standing up, I couldnt get his jocks on coz it was staring at me!!! I just sat there giggling, so ofcourse he had to show everyone.. “look at my pe pee!”
    *apologies my reply has nothing to do with hair!!!


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