The Pay Off

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B has started studying this year. An off-campus engineering degree. While working full-time. He is insane. And I love him for it.

In order for this to work, we are having to juggle things a little and on some nights, I have to pick up the slack where B would previously have helped out. That's fine. We're all working towards a better future for the family M-G.

Most nights, we each have a designated kid who is our responsibility to get to bed. On account of my magic boobs, I get the baby. And B gets the sleep resisting LD. Best arrangement ever.

Tonight, B had an online tutorial. It started at 7pm. By the time the clock struck 7, I had the ZeeMachine down for the night but the sleep resister was still going strong. So it was my job to wind him down, too.

So tonight has been about stories and arse pattings with some bargaining thrown in for good measure.

Bed time can be tedious. Two bed times is particularly so. The books I'm not reading, the ice-cream I'm not eating, the blog I'm not writing, the belly button lint I'm not sorting. These are the things I think about as I wait for my kids to give in to sleep.

But the moment those eyelids close, weighted down to the point of no return, is the ultimate deal sweetener. The pay off. And I never tire of it. Of seeing my kids succumb to dreams. The heavy lids finally closing, the little mouth dropping open. Nothing beats it.

Just moments before, I am like a trapped animal ready to chew off a limb to escape but when freedom finally comes, I am no longer in a hurry to leave. Watching my children sleep is precious, achingly so.

Sweet dreams, little ones. Mumma loves you.

Dreamy LD

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  1. Kir

    I was just thinking this myself when J was in our bed…again..and I was half heartedly telling him he needed to go back to his own bed..his droopy eyes got the best of me ..and his little mouth sucking his nuk mesmorized me to the point of distraction. I know exactly what u mean!!!!!
    Great post!

  2. MJ

    Look at that sweet angelic face! He loves sleep – what are you talking about? 😉

  3. Rae

    Look at his little intertwined fingers. Bless.

  4. melbo

    Yes, we love them don’t we Ange? Even more when they are asleep.

    I get it … I TOTALLY get it.


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