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This morning, LD and I were chatting. Well, I was telling him stories. He likes that. He especially likes it when one of the characters is LD, the boy with the beautiful hair. Oh man, he loves when the stories are about that guy. 

LD, the beautiful-haired boy also had a little brother – at this point I pause so that he can insert the little brother's name. And then, they had a new baby in the family, and it was a little – this time, I pause so that he can insert the gender. What he doesn't know is that I consider his answer to be a premonition. Needless to say, it gives me the shits when he says 'boy'. And then I argue with him about whether he really meant to say 'boy' at all. Wouldn't he like a little sister?

But today, happily, and without hesitation (or coercion), he said 'girl'. 

And what would this little girl be named?

"Norshun," he told me, in what can only be described as a Swedish Chef accent.

LD, Zee and Norshun.

Yes. That seems about right.

So let's send some baby girl affirmations out into the universe. Let's look at pretty girl clothes!

1. Tea Princess

Established in 2004, this Australian label specialises in some of the most amazing clothes and accessories for little girls aged newborn to 8 years. I am supremely covetous of every single piece in every single collection. I almost can't breathe, this stuff is so darling.

Peach Flower Headband   White Tights with Skirt
Blush Maxi
2. Funky Monkey

A fabulous little Made It find. I love handmade clothes and these have a funky little retro vibe going on. I want the maxi dress in my size! And I have a good mind to pick the little doilies off those paisley pants and put my boys in them. Check out the Funky Monkey store on Made It – the prices will blow your mind.

3. Chasing Butterflies

Another little handmade business. Oh, there are some clever people out there! The clever person behind Chasing Butterflies is Amanda – she makes vintage-inspired pieces for tiny little ladies that just make me swoon. Also, I've seen a photo of her – and she's really pretty. Annoying. I found her on Facebook. Check out her page and prepare to fall in love.

Baby Sun Suit
Vintage Pink Dress

Chasing Butterflies Sun Suit
4. Frankys

Another little gem found on Made It. Cute clothes using fabrics with fabulous retro prints. And isn't it nice when little girls dress like little girls? So sweet. And once again, so reasonably priced.

Trendy Girls Dress with Sash
Booties with Bow
Pretty Girls Dress with Bow
5. Hart and Sew

The Aussie dollar is on fire. So that means Etsy time, right? I have recently rediscovered the beauty of vintage. What put me off in the past was the endless trawling through op shops in the hope of maybe finding something kind of cute. But Hart and Sew has done all the hard work for me. Yay! The other thing? The States have so much more vintage loveliness than the average Vinnies store in Aussie suburbia. If you're into vintage, take a look. Lordy, there's some cute stuff.

1950s Blue Watercolor Flower Dress 
1950s Yellow Sash Dress
Vintage Smocked Prarie Dress
6. Rock Your Baby

This would have to be my all time fave brand for kids clothes. I own HEAPS of RYB stuff. And my boys look ridiculously awesome wearing it. I also own some girls stuff. No, I do not have a daughter. But a bargain's a bargain. And I am so having a daughter soon. Whatever. But seriously, another amazing Aussie business making crazy cute clothes for tiny people. What's not to love?



Cherry Shoes

So. Wow. That was toothache sweet, no? 

It's not making me feel empty inside AT ALL. 

I happen to know for a fact that Norshun would rock each and every one of those pieces like the little champ that she is.

Have you discovered any shut your face gorgeous kids brands lately?


* All photos sourced from the website of each clothing label. Click on the business name to go to their corresponding website.

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  1. Tracey

    I ADORE Tea Princess,,, havent snaffled anything just yet!!!

  2. Ladybird

    Coco & Ginger
    Ivy designs
    – Immediately spring to mind honey. Angel, I have your pain, but in reverse. Having a little girl first, then two little boys – it is so utterly depressing clothing them having had the exhiliration of clothing a wee little pink poppet. It is no accident my youngesat son rocked a hot pink business shirt on the weekend…
    When time prevails – let me list my other favs! xx

  3. Rae

    Oh sweet Lord of beautiful girl’s clothing……..

    Ok so i’m selfish because i have not one, but two little vagina-owning princesses – so i am able to dress them up like life-sized Barbie dolls…HOWEVER – they continue to grow older, and the really exceptionally cute stuff just doesn’t sit well with my almost 6yr old daughter. Sorry the whole Hannah Montanna look does NOT inspire me. And then there’s the problem with not owning a money tree *sigh*. It kills me… so i can only imagine how much it kills you.

    But see, you’ve done all the ground work and have all the really awesome places bookmarked – all ready for Norshun’s arrival.

    And yep – please don’t get me started on Tea Princess. I literally spent three entire evenings trying to choose which two outfits and headbands i would buy for the girls to wear to Jed’s christening. Most stressful shopping experience to date. Simply because i wanted it ALL!

  4. Rae

    P.S That little cream and lemon number from Hart and Sew…. oh man. That is like a little drop of sunshine.

  5. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Oh Tracey, can you imagine your girls in Tea Princess??? Holy freakin’ hell! Too beautiful.

  6. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Ah yes, I am familiar with both. Such pretty stuff. I think I featured a Coco & Ginger dress a while back – and you owned it! Of course you did.

    Little man JR rocked the pink. Oh yes he did!

  7. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Seeing your girls in their Tea Princess outfits reminded me that I am stupidly in love with those clothes. How pretty did they look? Such delicate, gorgeous little blossoms.

    How ever did you choose? It’s all so exquisite.

    If I do end up with Norshun, I will be so poor…..

    Hannah Montana? NOT feeling it.

  8. melbo

    I love that stuff. And yes, Norshun will look grand in any of it!

  9. E

    I’m an Oobi slut through and through.

    (Plus I adore Rock your Baby and Little Horn)

  10. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Mel, apart from all the aforementioned reasons for wanting a daughter, the idea that I may never get to dress one? That’s hard to take.

    I will pass on your compliments to Norshun. I know she will be delighted.

  11. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    Yes! I own Oobi. For my imaginary daughter. Of course I do.

    And Little Horn is a huge staple in this household.

  12. Tracey

    I know but really pop them beauties in tin foil & they’d rock it!! 😉

  13. Tracey

    OMG yes I love Little horn

  14. MJ

    I dress my girls rather tomboyishly. The shame…

  15. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    In day to day life, I absolutely would. But pretty stuff is…pretty.

    But may I refer you again to the paisley pants by Funky Monkey. Hello? Miss Pie would look amaze-balls in those.


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