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What I want is a new handbag.

I want a new bag that is all about form and nothing about function.

I want this bag to be stupidly gorgeous and impractical in the extreme.

It should not have a dedicated area for nappies and wipes.

It does not require an insulated pocket for bottles.

It should not come with a bonus binky holder.

My new handbag will ideally be ridiculously priced.

This new bag should cause other women to regard it (and me) with the deepest of envy.

If a baby’s bum explodes while out and about, my new bag is the last place a person should think to go looking for Wet Ones and a spare Bonds onesy.

On the other hand, if someone fancies a platinum credit card, the latest Apple gadgetry and perhaps a cheeky gram of coke, my new bag should be exactly where they might look.

Some inspiration for my new bag.

Chanel Handbag = no university for children. Worth it.

Chanel Patent Chain Shopper

Photo Source 

Ruffles – silly. Colour – sillier. Try hiding a poo smear on this little darling…

Marikai Ruffle Front Shopper Photo Source

But actually, I have some several years ahead of me in which leaving home without disposable wipes and thirteen changes of clothing would amount to a full scale catastrophe. I may be vapid in my accessorial desires but I am not stupid. So for now, neccessity rules.

 I am bored with my current bag though. It is my second nappy bag. I have purchased a new one with each new child. But I am bored. Desperately so. My current bag has sacrificed beauty for function. My current bag is sensible. Realistic. But surely, changing a dirty nappy is reality enough – therefore, the bag of necessity can afford to be a touch cute.

To that end, I was thinking

Maybe one of these gorgeous little numbers by fanciulla?

Charlie Versatile Tote Bag w Print Lining from Fanciulla  

Photo Source 

Or this. Functional and funky, no?

OiOi Zebra HoboPhoto Source 

 And while we’re on the subject of bags, are you across this little thing?

 Handbag Butler 
Photo Source

It’s called the Handbag Butler. I discovered it during my 'cute bag research' (official title for tax purposes).

It does this.

Butler in action 
Photo Source 

I think it’s a nifty idea….but I never go anywhere and therefore, have no need to safely hang my handbag at the places I don’t go to. But definitely nifty.

Meanwhile, me and my practical handbag will remain a team. And the cute handbag, a dream….



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  1. Amadworld.blogspot.com

    Sigh. Handbags and I used to have a passionate relationship. I never actually owned any ridiculously expensive designer ones, but I always had fun perving on the most attractive ones in markets and shops. If in my price range, I bought. Simple. I had a handbag for every occasion, and if not? I bought.

    That seems like such a long time ago. Like you, it’s me and my nappy bag against the world now. And like you, I’m bored. I relish the rare occasion where I venture out without a child (and said child’s bum) and can bring an alternative (smaller!) bag… but my alternative bags are sadly lacking and beyond faded glory.

    I think you need to make a purchase from fanciulla…

  2. Angie @ The Little Mumma

    I think so, too.

    I saw the cutest bag at an op shop in December but then thought, when was I ever going to use it? It was completely quirky and adorable and it was only $5. But I decided I could just as easily set fire to a $5 note.


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