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Happy Thursday, peeps! It's been a super-rainy day here which I'm actually loving after the hot days we've had. Where in the world has 25 degree days all year round? That's where I want to live. Hang on! Weather chit-chat? Oh no, not on The Little Mumma. Let's talk randomness instead.  

1. Accidental Thievery We'd been shopping and things were slowly descending into madness as they are wont to do when you have two small boys in a pram. I was out of "shut them up snacks" and all other tricks had been equally exhausted. It was time to go. I hot-footed it back to the car pushing two kind of heavy kids who felt considerably heavier given the whining and really flat tyres the pram was sporting. Sooo, you can imagine my dismay at discovering that LD had acquired a book from the last store we'd been to. And I had waltzed out of the (mega chain-)store with absolutely zero knowledge of our Freddy Five Fingers discount. Serious conundrum. Finally back to the car and pram unpacking underway – could a reasonable person expect me to to go back and return the stolen goods? With two kids who were over it at least 30 minutes ago? I didn't go back. But I do have plans to return the book at a later date. Unless I donate it to those Christmas Wishing Trees that give presents to under-privileged children. Whaddya think? Should I play accidental Robin Hood?  

2. Things that make you go 'hmmm' Prince(ss) LD
During the infamous 'accidental thievery' shopping trip, Shopping Centre Santa referred to LD as 'Princess' – not convinced LD didn't love it.  

3. Hair Woes – AGAIN! Zee and Me
I had it cut. And for a minute, I thought it was uber-funky. Now I'm back to woe. And little bits of hair that won't go back in my obligatory ponytail. Fucking!  

4. Risky photo pay off Smoosh!
My notoriously light sleeper, Zee, had the sweetest little sleeping smoosh face and I desperately wanted to take a photo. I was just checking in on him as I headed to bed so the idea of disturbing him was underwhelming. But I did it anyway. And not a peep! But given the adorability factor of this shot, I reckon waking him would have been worth it.  

5. The writing is on the wall… Smashed my favourite glass for drinking coke. I think that's called a sign.  

6. Over Hurl Oh my goodness, could it really be true? Has Zee finally grown out of his crazy refluxy chucking stage? No, no, I can't talk about it for fear of the jinx. Stop. I never wrote this.  

6. Conversations with the 3-year-old

Little Mumma: LD, please stop that. I don't like it when you pinch my arm

LD: But Mumma, it's not pinching. It's the tree (indicates my arm) and it's the dinosaur (indicates his pinching fingers)

Oh well, in that case…….  

Random Fact: This time last year, B and I were just arriving at the hospital. Almost ten hours later, Zee came into the world. And not a moment too soon……

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