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Happy Thursday eve, friends of The Little Mumma. I have just finished making Cookie Pops and if you think I'm not going to get a couple of those babies into my sockets before the night is through, you're insane.

So my random thoughts tonight are concentrated around philosophies. As in, if I had one related to mothering, what would it be? It's not something I've given actual specific thought space to before (there's only so much room left after you factor in the latest Kardashian gossip and what I'm going to eat next).

There's lots of stuff I believe, heaps of clichés that would probably fit. What I do know is that there are very few hard and fast rules – it's best to remain fluid about most things otherwise the continual disappointment when baby (or you) fail to live up to the rigidity would be crushing.

I was cleaning god-only-knows-what off the couch today and it was then that I formulated my philosophy (hello multi-tasking!). It includes just two things – although after scrubbing one stubborn spot on the couch for what felt like an eternity only to realise it was never coming off, I was tempted to add 'Ban children from eating – ever.' That might have proved controversial but the stuff I came up with isn't. I don't claim either of the two things as original but I do count them as important.

Anyway, for your consideration, I offer up The Little Mumma's Mummahood Philosophy.

1. The only absolutely, 100 percent, don't leave home without it, essential thing that all mothers must have is a sense of humour. Without it, you're FUCKED.

2. The expression "I love my kid/s, that goes without saying" is false. You need to say it (and show it) eleventy thousand hundred times a day. You can never tell/show a child you love them too much. And if you're not squeezing their little bodies into the cuddle of a lifetime each and every day, again, you're FUCKED. And worse still, they're fucked. A cuddle is like a steroid-hit to a kid's self-esteem. And they just feel nice, too.

The Little Mumma loves her kidlets.

And The Little Mumma loves YOU! 🙂

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  1. Judy

    Lol, great post! Just stumbled onto your blog via Dear Baby and had a nice laugh reading it. I think you are spot on about the love and sense of humor – two essential ingredients.

  2. Angie aka The Little Mumma

    Thanks Judy! So nice to get the feedback. 🙂

    And isn’t Dear Baby adorable?


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