Boring Tales and True

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This photo makes me wistful. And there are several reasons.

Reason 1. Look how cute and young I am!

Reason 2. Though they are hidden in this shot, I know my knockers were criminally perky. Were.

Reason 3. I was about to dive face-first into a chocolate sundae.

Instead, my reality tonight –  taking my older, less cute self with perk-diminished breasts, to the gym.


So, Random Mumma Thoughts Thursday #9 is due tonight and yet, I fear I won't make the deadline. I'm going to give it my all though because The Little Mumma loves YOU!

Meanwhile, if you loved The Little Mumma, you'd click this little old link….(and then click once more!)





Hello friends


I’m Angie!  I mum. I write. I wife. My husband would say this is the correct order.  He’s so neeeedy. I live with my family in Melbourne, Australia, where I complain about the weather for 90% of the year – but I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Except maybe in Lake Como, waving to my neighbours George and Amal each morning.

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