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Yes, you! Lean in a little closer so I can tell you all the things that most women never like to say out loud. Just think of me as your sweary, oversharing friend on the internet! I hope
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Is this The Little Mumma Blog?

Yes. No. Sort of.
For ten years, I was an Australian mum blogger. The Little Mumma has been a place to tell ALL my parenting truths. What it’s really like to raise tiny people, to love them so much you think you might die – if they don’t kill you first. But my kids are a little older now and so am I. It was time for a change. You can read more about the change of name here.

“Motherhood is like Albania–you can’t trust the descriptions in the books, you have to go there.”

– Marni Jackson

Come hang with the cool real kids

Yes, this will still be an honest mum blog. But we are more than just mums. There’s a whole other world of challenges that women face; body image, mental health, ageing and career changes. And this is a place for all of those stories – my stories. And yours, too.

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The Little Mumma Blog: From 2009 to 2019

The Little Mumma Blog: From 2009 to 2019

On January 22, 2009, I started this blog. Thousands and thousands of my words live on this website. Many of them feel like they were written a lifetime ago. And also, just yesterday. 

How Do You Know When You’re Done Having Babies?

How Do You Know When You’re Done Having Babies?

I seem to recall Bren and I tossed around the idea of four kids in the early stages of our relationship when we had all the love for a big family and none of the reality. We had both grown up with just one sibling and both of us craved the slightly more chaotic but what we perceived to be closer dynamic of a bigger family. In the end, we decided on three kids as being just enough chaos but without having to buy a van for transport.

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