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Does your website copy truly reflect your business and brand? Discover how clever, cut-through website content and SEO copywriting can help your ideal customers find you online!

What does your website really say about you?

So you’ve got a shiny new website that you really love the look of, but what are you going to write on it? And honestly, do words really matter? Yes, they do!

Grammar matters. Spelling matters. And helping your ideal customer understand who you are is CRUCIAL.  Unless you have a vital product or service with absolutely zero competitors, you need to nail your website copy. Because if you don’t, you can bet your sweet ass there will be someone else doing it better than you. And first impressions matter.


You could probably write it yourself….right?

Writing is not easy. Writing about yourself is even harder. An outside perspective can help you really tell your business story and let potential customers know exactly what you have to offer.  Maybe you’re a decent writer, but is that what your time is best spent doing?

Let me take this job off your hands and let you get back to where you’re needed most – running your business!

What about SEO Copywriting services?

Yep, I’ve trained in that, too. Telling your business story in a compelling way is GREAT – helping Google understand your business story is EVEN BETTER. Why? Because the more Google knows about your business – and the more their algorithm recognises you as an authority in your field – the higher your website will appear in the search rankings.  SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) copywriting takes search terms your ideal customers are typing into Google and strategically weaves them throughout your website copy so that the right people can find you online. It’s not just more traffic but better-quality traffic – the kind you can convert into customers/sales.

Need help telling your business story?

If you’re after cut-through copy that gets to the heart of your business so that your ideal customer immediately recognises that they’ve come to the right place, let’s create some wordy magic together!

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